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Every Journey


A little bit about Knightway and what we do


Knightway Associates' founders, Nigel Allen, Richard Brooks and Daniel Rozario are experts within the property and construction sector. With over 80 years of combined experience, they decided to create an organisation that provides industry-leading talent to the leading UK property and construction companies. 


Having used recruitment agencies for their various businesses and often being caught out by agencies who only care about the placement and fee, they decided to found Knightway Associates. 


It is this experience that triggered one of their fundamental principles:

If Knightway Associates would not hire the candidate nor should their clients. Every candidate is interviewed by Knightway Associates before a CV is even sent to the client. 


Knightway got off to a flying start. Between Nigel, Richard and Daniel, they had a large contact list as well as a good reputation in the area and industry. Within two months it was clear they needed an extra pair of hands and hired a Trainee Recruitment Consultant before the end of 2019.
2020 started well, again demand was huge and then Covid hit...

Covid was a curveball that nobody expected but they got through it. After coming out of lockdown they took a gamble and hired an experienced Recruitment Consultant. The gamble paid off and the team placed more people between June and December than their whole year target!

What started as a property and construction specialist has quickly evolved and diversified into different sectors. Fast forward to May 2022 and Knightway has launched Knightway Technology. After working successfully with multiple Prop-Tech companies, they decided that they could apply their knowledge and experience to the tech world as a whole. 

Their approach to Tech is exactly the same as Property, whereby every role within the industry is covered (from Trainee to CEO). The thing that matters most is immersing themselves into the industry in order to be able to advise and consult on a deep level.





Communication is key. We communicate with client and candidate throughout the whole process to ensure a seamless experience.

Promises are always kept. We will never promise something that can't be delivered. Our word is important to us and we will stick to it.

Honesty is always best policy. Sometimes we have to deliver news that you don't want to hear. We promise to always be straight talking.