Is it all doom and gloom?

The UK property market is under intense scrutiny at the moment. If we've heard that there is a housing supply shortage, employment levels dropping, the pound weakening, companies on employment freezes or even that we are going to run out of food when "BREXIT" finally arrives once, we've heard it a thousand times!

In reality, things haven't stopped moving, people haven't stopped looking for new opportunities, moving house or making big life decisions they have just slowed down a little from the crazy bubble we were in a few years back! Some people will even argue that the new found stability in the property industry is a good thing, by no means do we want a repeat of 2008!

As reports there have even been three high profile moves within the sector in the last month! St Modwen Homes has appointed a new regional managing director "Jeremy Attwater", A former Knight Frank partner "Andrew McGregor" ( a partner for 7 years) has joined BGP as an equity partner and Hanover Green have hired "Simon Beckett" as a partner. Clearly the industry is moving and thriving with roles being placed from apprentice to MD.

In our opinion it's as good as ever to grasp a new opportunity when it is presented to you. Of course the Knightway team will be able to chat to you should you have any questions in regards to the current industry trends.

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