The Estate Agent Career Stepping Stones...

The philosophy of "you get out what you put in" rings true in an Estate Agency career. This means that the harder you work, the more lucrative your position will be.

Your success being recognised through commission and promotions makes this an extremely rewarding career with an abundance of opportunity to progress.

A Trainee Sales Negotiator role is a fantastic place to begin your career. With every opportunity to progress within the first year, the opportunity to achieve the Sales Negotiator role is well within reach. From there on out, your potential is endless!

The best people for this career are ones that posses the ability to excellently interact with clients, stay calm under pressure and stay driven at all times.

"The career of an Estate Agent promises job stability and opportunities for professional growth. Whether you are just beginning to look into opportunities in Estate Agency or you are already in the job market, this career is sure to offer a new and exciting career path." The Telegraph

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