What makes a successful CV?

Think of your CV as the very first impression you make on someone without even meeting them face-to-face. You've got to display the best version of yourself and let your CV do the talking for you.

Here are some of our top tips to make your CV a success...

Presentation is key: The recruiters eye will naturally fall in the middle to upper area of the page so make sure your most important skills and achievements are displayed there.

Tailor your CV to the role: Not all roles that you apply for will be looking for the same skills, experience and qualities in a person. This is why you should shape your CV to the specific role that you are applying for. Ask yourself what the company requires from someone and shape your CV to best fit that.

Make it stand out: Recruitment companies are often inundated with CVs and applications. Often CVs are all in the same format, black and white and set out wit a similar structure. When a CV stands out, it genuinely makes you a memorable candidate and you will stick in the mind of the recruiter. This doesn't mean that it needs to be overly colourful or eccentric. Just add a splash of colour where appropriate and sometimes adding a picture of yourself can always help to present you well.

Make your achievements known: Showcasing your achievements rather than your day to day responsibilities is very important. You of course want to add a brief description of what your current and past roles have entailed, but remember that you're trying to sell yourself. If you won an award, make it known. If you hit your targets consistently, make them aware of it. This will help recruiters to know that the person they're putting forward for the role is a successful candidate.

Keep your CV up to date: Keeping your CV current is vital. Every time you take on a new task in your role, add it to your CV. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember all of your achievements from previous roles, but by keeping a record of them on your CV, you can rest assured your showcasing your best work.

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