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to the property, construction, technology and marketing sectors.

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Client or Candidate, we have opportunities for you.


We find talented individuals to help your business thrive

We discover an exceptional


We contact the candidate, match them to a suitable role and interview them ourselves.

Once a role is identified, we send our client the candidates CV for consideration.

Our client interviews the candidate to see if they are a good match for their requirements.

A job offer is made, contracts signed and start date agreed.

We work and remind ourselves every day to follow our fundamental principles

Communication is key. We communicate with client and candidate throughout the whole process to ensure a seamless experience.

Our word is important, therefore we promise to stick to what we say and adhere to the deadlines that are set. 

Honesty is best policy. We promise not to tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. We will always be straight talking.


Our Team

Nigel Allen


Richard Brooks


Daniel Rozario


Sophie Holbrook

Bethany Joys



About Us

Knightway Associates' founders, Nigel Allen, Richard Brooks and Daniel Rozario are experts within the property and construction sector. With over 80 years of combined experience, they decided to create an organisation that provides industry-leading talent to the leading UK property and construction companies. 


Having used recruitment agencies for their various businesses and often being caught out by agencies who only care about the placement and fee, they decided to found Knightway Associates. 


It is this experience that triggered one of their fundamental principles:

If Knightway Associates would not hire the candidate nor should their clients. Every candidate is interviewed by Knightway Associates before a CV is even sent to the client. 


A New Normal?

Virtual interviews are... dare we say it... "The new normal" 🤢 We are sick of hearing the words #newnormal, but hey they do have a...

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